Learning HTML5 and Javascript Game Programming

Well, with some of the spare time I seem to have, I decided to start cashing in on my Udemy courses.  Once of which is an intro into game programming using HTML5 and Javascript.  Following the course instructor, I’ve created a basic Pong-clone you can play right in your web browser.  It definitely needs work and I plan to build upon this base and add graphic, sounds, mouse capture, and better A.I. opponents.  If you want to check it out, here’s the link…


Have fun!

Hurricane Matthew 2016

We survived Hurricane Matthew 2016!  We lucked out and only had tree / botanical debris to clean up.  One of our neighbors had damage to their pool enclosure and another neighbor had that and damage to their backyard fence.  Now we are just watching to see if it will circle back around for round 2.